Paling Light

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Arcing Phase to Phase

Arcing Phase to Phase

In 2021 John Crouch (Caltrop, Solar Halos, Kerbloki) and John Harrison (Jphono1, North Elementary, Tacoma Park) found themselves living on the same street as neighbors and playing together in Jphono1. During weekly lunchtime dog walks with Bruce and George (the dogs) they began to hatch ideas and experiments based around some raw discarded drum tracks.

Paling Light (John Crouch) provided some old sessions of improvised drums, intended to be sliced up and looped by Jphono1 (John Harrison). Rather than edit any of it Jphono1 began constructing form and feel to the raw repetitive beats with guitar, keys and other sounds. Paling Light then added bass and keys and filled production duties, contextualizing the songs.

The resulting album “Arcing Phase To Phase” is representative of the living and working relationships between the two artists. It highlights the intersection of common and disparate interests, both used to accentuate and escape familiar territory.